Top 3 categories of tools for tracking SEO keyword rankings

When is comes to digital marketing techniques, Search Engine Optimization is probably the most common and popular choice. SEO is an apparently simple, faster and economical way to drive traffic to the websites. While starting with SEO Campaigns, the focus of the brand is to enhance the ranking in the result pages of the search engines, and retain the ranking for the longest span. Today, SEO involves the use of various tools and a major part of these tools are used to track the ranking of the keywords. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss about the major types of tools for tracking the keyword rankings.

1. Web browsers Plugins
These are the add-on applications that aim to enhance the capabilities of the browsers. The biggest reason to use this type of SEO tools for tracking Keyword ranking is that it can hide the scrapping application as the web browser. This is very important, as Google don’t advocate the use of these tools. When you use the web passed plug-in, rather than giving the impression of scraping script, it appears like Firefox, as the tool will run within the Firefox browser. In addition, these tools help in tracking the ranking of the keywords, almost instantly.

However, the downside about these tools is that the IP address will take a strange configuration, and hence, there can be chances of getting blocked at the major search engines.

2. Desktop Applications
Another category of tools used for checking the SE Ranking is that of the desktop applications. As you can make it from the name itself, you are going to install these applications on your desktop and these stand-alone applications can work without the aid of the internet and web browsers. The best part about these browsers is that they can handle bigger lists of keywords, and are never ever blocked by Google.

By adding time and pause in between 2 subsequent queries, these applications take a more of a human face, and rather than merely checking the results, retrieves all the resources on the search page. In addition, these applications rotates the provided IPs to give an impression that the queries are originating from different computers from different parts of the world. In addition to finding the Keyword rankings, these applications are used for keyword research and backlink analysis as well. The drawback of using these applications is that, if you want to enhance the speed, it will violate the human emulation.

3. Web-based SaaS applications
These applications will run on the subscription-based servers and hence, you will not need to shoulder the challenge of maintaining multiple IPs at a time. Again, these applications, in addition to track the keyword ranks, can be employed to perform various functions. The best part about these applications is that they are very stable and hence, you need to put the minimum effort and time to maintain them. In addition, the top tools like SE Ranking, AccuRanker and RankActive, you are spared of the needs to rotate the IPs. The only downside is that these applications involves extravagant cost.

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