Full-featured email marketing software called MailWizz

Email marketing is very effective and successful in reaching out to customers. It helps to engage and communicate with the customers, understand their perspective and develop a bonding with the customers. It also has one of the highest ROI among all the marketing communication channel and is very instrumental in customer retention.

A properly designed and actively managed email marketing strategy yields create new business leads and contribute towards robustness of the business. Considering the cost-effectiveness and high ROI of the marketing channel it is important for small businesses to tap this marketing channel.

An email marketing application allows businesses to create and send emails to multiple contacts. An effective email marketing application also helps in tracking the emails sent to clients and collect data which can be used to assess the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign. It also helps to design focused and better email marketing campaigns.

MailWizz overview and features

MailWizz is a simple and highly effective email marketing application. It comes loaded with features which make it highly popular among businesses. It allows the users to manage the email marketing campaigns of all their websites in one place. It provides unmatched user experience and simplification and it makes the task of email marketing easier and more effective. It can be used by both- beginners and experienced businesses for running their email marketing campaigns. It costs only $59 and it is a one-time cost.

The users get regular updates and improvements with this subscription. Compared to the other similar services, MailWizz is very economical. The application provides an economical package of services for managing email marketing campaigns to the businesses. The application can provide companies to have the edge over competition in managing email marketing campaigns and getting expected results.

Some of the salient features of the application are provided below:

Ease of use

MailWizz application provides considerable ease of use to the users. It lets the users create custom fields for the list which can be used later to filter the list. It comes with auto-responder feature which lets the users to follow up with prospective clients. The unlimited feature of the application and its compatibility with a wide range of STMP servers and mailing services make it highly user-friendly and a popular email marketing application.

High degree of customization

MailWizz offers high customization levels to the users. The businesses can make finer adjustments to the application based on their requirements. The administrative tool in the application allows the users to identify any issues and the performance of the overall application.

Unlimited access to features

The MailWizz application provides abundant features to the users. It provides unlimited email list, subscribers, subscribers, campaigns etc. It allows to send unlimited number of email campaigns to unlimited number list and to an unlimited number of email contacts. This unlimited feature is quite handy and makes the application hugely popular among businesses.

Regular updates and prompt service

MailWizz is a popular email marketing application and is used by many businesses. It is a continuously evolving application which is highly customer-centric. The application is regularly updated with new features. The updates also focus on addressing the existing bugs and provide a seamless and unmatched user experience. The customer care for MailWizz is also very prompt and committed to meeting the customer needs.

Detailed and professional reports

The application provides the users with detailed and professional reports on the email campaign. It is important for the business to get the exact details on their email marketing campaign to assess its effectiveness. MailWizz provides detailed analysis and reports on the number of hits on the marketing campaign, location from where the campaign was accessed, number of times the campaign has been viewed etc. These reports provide the businesses an effective tool to analyze and evaluate their email marketing campaigns. It helps them understand the gaps in the campaign and how to address the identified gaps to make their campaign better and more effective.


MailWizz is compatible with SMTP servers and other services like Mandrill, SendGrid, Amazon SES, SparkPost etc. for sending campaigns. It also works in close coordination with bounce servers and specifies them the bounce response. It automatically processes the bounces so that the users do not have to do anything on this front.

Monetize MailWizz

MailWizz offers tools and runs on a full SAAS application. The business can make use of this feature and can charge their customers different price plans and monetize the application. This monetization feature of the application makes the businesses get profit from it.


MailWizz offers a host of features which helps businesses manage their email marketing campaigns successfully. It can help companies get great results by using effective campaigns. It provides complete control to the users while sending campaigns to the prospective clients. This economical email marketing application is very popular among businesses and can provide significant edge to the companies using it.


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