Midrub has just made social media management easy

The role social media plays in web marketing cannot be overstated. With so many popular social media platforms, it can be difficult and time consuming for digital marketers to manually schedule and manage posting on multiple platforms. Social media management now plays a prominent role in ensuring optimal web marketing across social media platforms.

Midrub is a social media dashboard used for web marketing. This social media tool allows anyone to publish posts on 20 of the most popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. LinkedIn, Tumblr, and WordPress.

You’ll never miss a post again

One of the most time-consuming features of social media management is managing multiple accounts. When accounts are managed independently, it can be difficult to ensure all content being published is done so in a timely manner. Midrub makes it easy for users to fully optimize all their social media accounts. Users can track peak times for social media engagement and schedule posts on Midrub to go live at optimal times, rather than failing to post during peak times or missing deadlines entirely. Manually managing these posts can hinder productivity and engagement. With Midrub, users can post on several social networks at one time, or schedule future posts. Midrub’s “Post Planner” allows users to publish based on their preferences and specify preferred days of the week, time of day, or frequency of posts.

All in one streamlined dashboard

On Midrub, users are also able to see statistics on published posts and whether content published has been successful or unsuccessful. Part of Midrub’s appeal is the streamlined dashboard which allows users to connect to multiple blogging platforms and pick and choose which blog to publish content to. Instead of reformatting multiple blog posts, Midrub users can save time by creating one post and instantly sharing to multiple platforms. And because Midrub works on any browser, it is an accessible and viable solution for web marketers. Additionally, users can share RSS posts to the most popular social networks. And can publish posts to any website created with WordPress, create Amazon/eBay RSS Feeds, reply to comments (on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks), create email campaigns and send emails to designated emails lists.

More automation? Bots included in Midrub!

Midrub provides optional Bots to automatize certain functions. Examples include “Promotis”, a bot designed for use on Facebook. This bot creates a list of comments (including text, links, or images) to be automatically published at a designated time. Bot “Twilos” is a bot which allows marketers to search for users on twitter. The results are saved and then the bot is able follow or unfollow users automatically, displaying statistics about its user. Similarly, Midrub has bots available for Instagram. “Instavy” allows marketers to find new friends on Instagram and unfollow and follow other users automatically. Other bots for Instagram allow users to find photos on the platform by hashtag, and like or unlike photos automatically, or even follow back new followers and send direct messages. Use of bots reduces the amount of time spent doing repetitive or time-consuming tasks and allows users to focus on putting out engaging and quality content.


Midrub is an excellent solution for social media management as its features allow users to consolidate multiple processes into one social media dashboard. This allows users to target and schedule posts, and utilize key automation features, in turn increasing engagement and productivity. There is only one server-based (not SaaS with monthly fee) solution that can compete, but it’s more expensive. It is called Stackposts.

If I could choose only one social media dashboard I’d go for Midrub. There is no other so advanced management tool for the price.

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