Why you need to shorten URLs shared on social media?

A recently conducted survey accounted for the finding that Long URLS with excessively long characters often diverts the web traffic. Especially in the case of social media campaigns, you need to shorten the URLs so that they never exceed more than 20 characters. With tools like JOT URL, managing this task has turned very easy, and these tools come with ample of features to benefit the digital marketers. Here come the key points that can be accounted in that regard.

Enables you use the characters optimally

Especially, in social media sites, length of the characters matters a lot, and you need to save every character, as there are restrictions in this regard. Using these tools, you can manage this task in the ideal manner so that you never ever face challenges regarding the restrictions of characters to serve the key and critical information. This way, you can keep the post short and simple that will boost more engagement with the readers.

It becomes easier to track the performance

If you have to drive the digital marketing campaigns with success, you need to monitor it on an ongoing basis. The URL shortening tool extent the most effective assistance in this regard, so that businesses can precisely analyze the engagement with the audience, and accordingly, they can develop the best strategies in this regard. These tools come with incorporated applications that can correctly point out the performance of the links, in terms of the clicks on such links. With these tools, marketers can drive and manage their campaigns with the optimum efficiency.

Makes it easier for viewers to share links on social media

Social media campaign is the most effective platform to reach before the widest base of potential customers from all around the globe. Marketers want the audience to share their links to the maximum extent, and once they do that, the information will reach to all people within their network, thus, flowing in a series of ongoing waves. However, if the URLs very long, it becomes tough for the audience to share such links. Hence, it makes sense to shorten the URL to the optimum extent, so that people can easily share the links, and the information keeps up flowing freely across the platform. It is one of the key reasons for which digital marketers adopt the use of the tools to shorten the URLs.

You can expect more clicks on the links

Short URLs are the trendy approach, and people are more accustomed to such links, than the gigantic ones. So, if you can manage to keep the URLs short, you can expect more people to click on it, and thus, you can expect to get more traffic to your site.

Considering the points stated above, if you are yet to start the use of these tools, it’s high time that you adopt one. However, it is very important that you opt for the top ones that have some significant values to offer.

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